Michael had the privilege of working with the following organizations:



As well as these brands…

Bio-K + Farm Foods Wholesoy Nature’s Warehouse Wholesome Sweeteners Shady Maple Organic Maple Syrup
Soyco Rachel Perry GURU Vega KIJU Organic Juice Utopia Organic Tomatoes
One with Nature Earth’s Own Toffurella Galaxy Foods Whole Alternatives Prairie Harvest Organic Pasta
Bumble Bar Dairy Fresh Essentia Water Natural Nectar (US) Good Karma Ethical Bean Organic Coffee
Solo Bar Maisie Janes Queen Helene Sunbutter Jamieson Laboratories Julie’s Organic Ice Cream
Mill Creek Nielsen-Massey Que Pasa Genesis Today Lancetre Organic Cheese Manitoba Harvest
Helen’s Kitchen Tints of Nature Xyla Eco Max Evergreen Organic Wheatgrass Juice