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July 11th, 2013

To Whom It May Concern;

Re: Letter of Reference for MT Consulting & Michael Theodor

SoLo GI is a leading and vertically integrated functional food company. We recently launched SoLo Bar in Canada, an innovative line of low glycemic and gluten-free energy/nutrition bars. SoLo Bar is science-based and a leading product in this important and growing sub-category.

I have known Michael Theodor since our company’s inception in 2004. At that time I understood Michael to be the founder and president of Michael Theodor Brokerage, Inc. (MTB), a prominent broker in the natural & organic business in Canada.
In the spring of 2013 when he sold MTB to a large conventional brokerage firm we began discussing the possibility of Michael doing consulting work for our company. SoLo GI had just had a string of “potential good news events” that were appearing to come together for our brand after many years of hard work and effort.

Although we had a fairly good understanding having incubated our bar line in the US and Canada, I looked to Michael to supplement our management to help us navigate and ensure proper coverage for national launch, based upon his 30+ years of experience and vast network of relationships.

In April 2013 we hired MT Consulting to help our company “get to the next level” in Canada. It was immediately evident that Michael’s consulting company was a good choice for us. Michael integrated seamlessly with our team, got into the business flow and hit the ground running, thereby contributing significant value-added from the get-go.

Michael really understood “the street” part of the natural and organic business. In those first few weeks he saved us months of trial and error by giving us immediate and well thought out solutions for our brand when we needed them the most. Being knowledgeable of the landscape and its personalities, Michael’s insights and results-driven approach helped fine tune initiatives at all levels and provided practical guidance with major grocery chains, distributor management and broker selection.

Our brand is now poised for national success in Canada, and to help with that important effort we have appointed Michael Theodor to our Board of Directors. I’d highly recommend Michael Theodor and his company MT Consulting to any perspective companies in either the USA or Canada who need a top quality consultant to guide them to success in the Canadian marketplace.

Please don’t hesitate to contact the writer if you require additional information or for an update.


Saul Katz
President and CEO