January 2014


To whom it may concern,


Vitala is a Canadian company, based in the Fraser Valley region in British Columbia. We pride ourselves on offering western Canadian consumers value added dairy products. Presently we have eggs, milk, yogurt and cheese. All of our products are made from our own cow’s milk, and we control the feed for both the cows and chickens to produce milk and eggs high in vitamin D and Omega 3. & tells our story and gives helpful details about our farm raised products.


I was referred to Michael Theodor and MT Consulting through a good friend of mine, who happened to be a Brand Manager for Michael’s former company, Michael Theodor Brokerage, Inc (MTBI), which he ran for over 34 years & was one of the leading natural/organic brokers in Canada (nationally).


The Vitala brand had been handed to me to run by the company owner and although I was getting some good results, I need some help/support and guidance to start getting to the next level.


Upon meeting Michael for the 1st time, I knew right away that his knowledge, experience and skill set is exactly what Vitala needed to set us on a successful course. Immediately he got to work setting up an enhanced structure to help us present to western Canada’s largest natural/organic distributor. What was added from him helped to secure this deal and resulted in this distributor accepting all of our line of products (which was part of the strategy Michael showed us). All this happened in a matter of a few days! My guess is this contribution from MT Consulting saved us many months of back and forth. His turn around time for return e-mails and phone calls is really fast. When he says he’ll have something done for you by a certain day or time, it gets done on time.


In addition, he has consulted on other parts of our business and will be working closely with me to manage the sales duties with this new distributor, as well as with other new accounts and existing ones.


I consider Michael one of the original pioneers and leaders of the organic/natural products industry. His depth of knowledge of this business is impressive as is his awards numerous. I would highly recommend any company in any natural or organic category who wants to succeed in Canada to seriously consider his services.


Best Regards,

Hieke Spyker
Sales and Promotions Manager
604 217 6748